IMG_9353TWell, today I joined some friends and we went out to Coon Key, just off Marco Island. Located in the Everglades on the Gulf of Mexico the water was calm and sultry, and perfect for a day in the sun. Our group went to Coon Key with a boat and two jet-ski’s, so everyone had a chance to enjoy the trip with warm sea spray and wind in their faces. Some of my friends were towed behind the boat on an inflated tube!


Marco Island to the left – Coon Key at the pin

Coon Key is a small island in the middle of the Gulf and we were the only people on it! Talk about ‘private’! It took all of about 20 minutes to reach this isolated strip of land, where we had some snacks and a light lunch. During our time there we also had some challenges to see who could stay on the inflated tube while being towed behind one of the jet ski’s! Some of us made the circular trip all the way, while some lost their balance and went for an extra swim as they got thrown off around a tight corner.


I was also in for quite an unexpected surprise today… while sitting in the shade a friend of mine popped out of nowhere. You remember Waldo, who was later called Wally, and became famous through a series of books with eh title “Where’s Waldo?” Well, out of the blue – literally – I spotted Waldo on the edge of the Key. Strangely he had lost his signature outfit and walking stick, and claimed he wanted to travel ‘incognito’ for a day!! We had a great time catching up on our different adventures and could enjoy our chance meeting. Also, we made some plans to meet up again in the the next few weeks.

Where's Waldo? COON KEY!
Where’s Waldo? COON KEY!
Relaxing under the mangroves with my friends
Relaxing under the mangroves with my friends