IMG_9422TThis is my first time celebrating the 4th of July in America! It was great to share this independence day with some new friends, good food, and a spectacular sunset over the Gulf of Mexico. The day started with us baking some Red Velvet cupcakes to have with our sunset snacks later in the day…



IMG_9417TAfter that we played 4-square n a quickly-constructed chalk court in the street, where I also met the neighbour’s frog guarding their post!


IMG_9616TThen later in the day we all decided to have some fun on the beach before setting sail to catch the sunset and enjoy the fireworks display.





IMG_9624TOn the short ‘cruise’ I made some new friends, meeting Graham Gillot and his lovely wife Domenique. Now, Graham plays a mean guitar, and trust me, this is something you’ll want to check out! So quickly go to his YouTube channel and have some awesome fun! |­st



Here are some pics of the sunset cruise & my friends…

Sharon and I with the American flag
Awesome friends… J, J, J and me!
Some of my ‘fairer’ friends!
A Gulf sunset!