According to the Bible mankind is in need of redemption, and for one reason only – to be reconciled to the Creator. We were created by The Creator for an eternal, meaningful, and intimate relationship, experienced Spirit to spirit, in a perfect, Eden environment. By making wrong choices, the first man (Adam) broke this relationship, and having passed on his DNA to future generations, perpetuated this brokenness. Needless to say, the Creator was not pleased, and made a way through His Son for this relationship to be restored. So, all of mankind is in need of redemption for the sake of reconciliation and restoration.

Redemption is offered freely, but remains a choice. The fact that it is free speaks of ‘grace extended’, and the fact that it is choice speaks of our free will. The acceptance of this redemption by grace, comes by us admitting the brokenness, and then making a commitment to restore the relationship. The Bible refers to the brokenness (or the aspects that contribute to it) simply as sin, and the restoration of it simply as repentance.

And it seems as if at this point we get all confused and mixed up. Grace is not given to us as a license to continue the brokenness. Repentance is meaningless unless a corresponding action accompanies it. So, to simply say “Sorry” is not enough. It is only the first step. The, “Sorry,” must be followed by a dedicated action to reverse the actions prior to the confession. If not, grace is abused and is made naught.

It may sound like a contradiction, but while grace is given freely, it still comes at a cost. The cost of having grace activated is a turnaround, that true repentance of a 180-degree u-turn in the opposite direction. Einstein defined insanity as

“doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

If we want to be redeemed it only requires the acceptance of the Creator’s solution, through His Son. It is offered freely, and we can accept it freely. But when we accept it, a mere “Sorry” won’t cut it when we continue in the same way as before. That is just insanity. We must move beyond the sorry and actively pursue redemption by working out our repentance. If not, “Sorry” is simply  a superficially insincere gesture.

Are you ready to move beyond “Sorry”? Are you ready to restore your divine relationship?