I was traveling through the Kruger National Park and chanced upon an Impala Lily, a beautiful flower common to the area. While admiring the vibrant color I was struck by the contrasting pink and white (with splashes of yellow), and looking for angles at which to take a photo. My mind, always wondering and pondering, went from the contrasting colors of the flower to more general contrasts we encounter in life. This, of course, led me to think about God, and how contrasts seem to highlight His nature.

I believe God to be almighty, eternal, forever, unchangeable, holy and all powerful. Yet, in my limited understanding, God is also simple – not in a ‘foolish’ way, but rather meaning uncomplicated. You see, in the realm of God, everything is simple. For Him there is right and wrong, black or white, holiness or sin, and so on. The beauty of this is that it should make our own choices in life simple too. God tells us that we are created like Him (His image) and that we should also choose (freely) to be like Him, since we are created after His likeness. He also tells us that He gives us a choice between life and death, and that He really prefers us to choose life.

Choice is part of life, and choice will always be presented in stark contrast. For God the gray areas are not a choice – it has to be black or white. Lukewarm is not a choice for God – it has to be hot or cold. In fact, He says that a lukewarm, non-choice, makes Him sick.

Today, you will have choices to make. Are you ready?