It is Easter Sunday and this day I am reminded of a sacrifice so great, so vast and of such magnitude that mere words fail, and never can describe. I join many others in a celebration of love, a gift from God that cost an incalculable price, and try to let my soul express a gratitude that, in fact, cannot humanly be expressed. Light to light. Spirit to spirit. I give because He gave.

I bring to you an offering,
my worship in coins of praise;
they echo sounds of orchestras
that with golden melodies sing;
my heart provides a harmony,
and the counterpoint
crescendos heavenward.

I give not because others give,
or because it is the expected thing,
I give because your love
excites and extricates
creative strains from deep within.

My soul yearns and desires
Your embrace,
not bought by coins
but given by grace
that is wrapped in love.

I bring to you my offering,
my worship in coins of praise.