I know that hyperbole is applicable to the title – after all, the very essence of random is unpredictability, while the very definition of unpredictability is the nature of being random.

Lately I have had much thought on the unpredictability of life, and this was sparked by some close encounters with death. It started with the suicide of a friend, which left me shocked and numb in its unexpected finality. This was closely followed by the death of a friend in ministry, who, contrary to his general state of good health and 50-year old well-being, collapsed inexplicably of a heart attack. Lastly, an uncle died in a freak accident after losing his balance and falling off a ladder. These three deaths happened in a relatively short timespan, and got me thinking about my own unpredictable lifespan.

So, while my lifespan is unknown (unpredictable and random) my actual life should not be in the same category. No! My life should be intentional and, as far a possible, predictable. Now I understand that nothing in life (on earth) can really be predicted since there are far too many variables, but the life I am referring to is really the life. If you read my post yesterday (Born Again) it will give you an idea what I am getting at.

Life on earth, or my physical lifespan, is by nature unpredictable. I can plan as much as I want to, I can have maps, lists, goals, objectives and aims, but somewhere I can predict with confidence life will throw a curveball. Somewhere along the line I will have to make adjustments in my course if I still want to reach the same destination. No matter how much planning I do, or how carefully I make plans for a desired outcome, all will come to naught when the ‘grim reaper’ knocks on my door. And it is when I open that door… then life only starts to count.

The life on the other side of death’s door is the life that is of importance. The lifespan on earth is really the process of forging a key to unlock the eternal life that comes after. While lifespan is random, eternal life is intentional, measurable and infinitely predictable. So, at any given time, and taking into consideration the fickle, random and unpredictable nature of lifespan, the forging of the eternal key must be prime priority… I simply do not know and cannot predict the arrival of that fateful knock.

(image credit: https://www.reference.com/art-literature/grim-reaper-1b4ad8001e1b30d9)