I have always found the lighting on a rising moon at sunset fascinating, and for years now I have tried to capture this. There is just something about the waning sun rays putting the moon in the spotlight… Last night was no exception.

It was while I was trying to get the correct camera settings that the thought struck me: The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. This of course, from the pen of my prophet friend, Jeremiah, as recorded in Lamentations 3:22-23. This made me ponder just a little further…

Earlier in the day another friend, André, encouraged me from the Word of God, saying that the time is always right for a clean-up. All of us go through life and along the way pick up baggage that is not really necessary, and sometimes, is mere rubbish. Think about a long road-trip, and when reaching your final destination the car needs some cleaning up. For most of us a bag or 2 of rubbish must be cleared out – wrappers, paper cups, scraps of paper and other rubbish – and put in the rubbish bin. Similarly, if we are to compare our lives to a house, we tend to accumulate “stuff” that eventually just clutter up our living space. At times we carry the stuff in ourselves, and at other times “friends” and others place things in our house and leave without taking it with them. Ultimately, we are all in need of some ‘house-cleaning’ and ‘car-cleaning’.

And this is where Jeremiah augmented the earlier encouragement. Sometimes the cleaning-out process is overwhelming, and we may feel weighed down, irresponsible, guilty, or even shame, yet, at the end the cleaning must happen. This is where God comes in with “new mercies”. This is “new grace” (if I can put it that way) that is new and fresh every day. Ok, Jeremiah did say morning, talking about the start of the day, but really it is true throughout the day! Even in the evening. So, look at the rubbish that needs removal, and say to God, “Sorry for this mess, and please forgive me for inviting you into the rubbish dump. But thank you for offering to help me clean out!”

Then, as I was marveling at the rising full moon, the circle closed in my mind. God is God – infallible, steadfast, never-changing, ever-loving. I am, on the other hand, fallible, prone to mistakes… human. BUT I have access to NEW MERCY. And as the moon was rising over the ocean, the light of God’s grace washed my soul.