Today I’d like to briefly share some thoughts on making bad choices. Also, I want to use the word “sin” when referring to “bad choice/s”. So sin is not some abstract concept but is simply a choice that has the power to affect ourselves and others. We ned to also remember that for every bad decision, there is a direct and opposite decision or choice that we can make rectify the former.

Making right (rectifying) a bad choice is Biblically referred to as repentance. Without repentance the consequence of sin is ultimately death. But with repentance death can no longer have power over us. However, we can never forget that any choice has a consequence, hence the consequences of any choice continues well after repentance, or making an opposite choice.

Let’s look at the progression: sin (without repentance) = death

Sin and the repentance thereof = forgiveness

Sins forgiven is proof of grace, and the working out of its consequence is mercy.

There is grace for making mistakes as long as it does not fall into a habit. Unchanged habits will erase grace and give back the power to death in our lives. Now, the death we speak of here is a spiritual death… a destruction of our spiritual power. So our choices have the ability to become habits, unless we consciously choose differently.

Are you ready to choose life instead of death? Are you ready to humbly admit your mistakes and set a course to make it right?

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