I was reading a letter from my friend Paul, in which he was saying that we sometimes have a “hostile attitude of mind.” The letter wasn’t principally written to me, but to a group of his friends in Collosae. This phrase stuck in my mind and made me think a little more on this. Paul was attributing this attitude to doing wicked things, bad things, evil things. So yes, I hear you saying that “evil” is really relative, but I don’t want to start a debate on that. Let us just assume, for the sake of this conversation, that “evil” represents anything that would be harmful to you – body, mind or spirit.

This means that when we embark on any evil endeavor – from really ‘top of the list’ murder, to the ‘lower on the list’ lying – it shows that we have a hostile attitude of mind. This attitude will work to confuse us, take us off-track, destroy us, and ultimately, has as its primary goal to kill us. The word ‘hostile’ literally means ‘opposed in feeling, action, or character’. So what is our mind hostile against?

In order to answer that we need to look at the original copy of our makeup, and go back to the manufacturer’s manual to see what the product should be like, how it should function, and the premium results that can be expected. It is here that we see that the manufacturer (God) made the human mind to be exactly like Him/His. This tells me that every single characteristic, action or feeling that is 100% God-like, is exactly the same of me; my mind, in other words, must be 100% aligned with the mind of God is I am wanting to achieve premium results in my life. Anything contrary to this, even if only be a meager 1%, is to go against, or be hostile towards the product.

Have you ever bought an assemble-it-yourself item from a store, then spend some time assembling the product, and when it is finished you are left with 2 or more screws in your hand that never made it to the assembly line? Essentially it means that in the assembly of the product you missed out a step or 2, and now you have an item that is not 100% functional or 100% safe. This requires a backtrack and a dis-assembly to find out where those screws need to go.

We are similar. We are all shaped by life – our circumstances, upbringing, people’s opinions – and in a way we are the sum total of all our experiences. Sometimes these experiences leave out a ‘screw’ or two, and messes with our perceptions and attitudes. These manifest some way down the line when we realize we made some bad decisions based on our perceptions, or when we fly into a fit of anger, or when we struggle to forgive other people for wrongs committed against us. In essence, it manifests through the attitude of our mind.

When Paul writes that ‘evil’ is a result of a ‘hostile attitude’, he is essentially referring to our lives. THe opposite of hostile would be ‘friendly, supportive, and liking.’ Therefore, all we need to do is take the hostile attitudes (those wayward screws in our hands) and start dis-assembling our perceptions and our mind. We need to basically reconstruct our mind back to the manufacturer’s specifications. Everything has a place, and everything must be in place… every feeling, action and characteristic. Paul wrote in a previous letter that we should ‘renew our minds’ and I think this is what he was referring to.

Are you ready to attack the hostile? Ready for the battle? Are you ready for victory and to experience your mind function 100% like it is supposed to?