Reflecting about the people in my life on a lazy Sunday afternoon has got me swimming in clichés.

Home is where the heart is…

Friends are the family we choose…

And then some others. While a cliché is virtually an over-used expression, it often has a deep truth buried in its hackneyed expression. Since I travel a lot my home has become my sanctuary. When I am at home I am happy, content and at peace – provided my home companions are at peace as well! When I am away from home I need to create a space around me that reminds me of home, and that can in part recreate the essence of my contentment. Here the idiomatic expression (or cliché) comes into play. Home reallly is where I make it. If I am happy in a place and when my heart is content with that place, I can say that I am home.

The second saying, ‘friends are the family we choose’ implies that the family we got through birth may at times not be the ideal family. Here I m talking about a poster-book cover of the ‘ideal’ family. Well, you know as well as I do that there is no such thing as a perfect family. Yet I wouldn’t trade mine for anything. For most part my family share my ideals of a perfectly contented home, and together we often make it work. There are times as well where family don’t see eye-to-eye, and then the peace is ruptured and the atmosphere can become quite stormy. Friends on the other hand are not handed to us by birth or blood, but we choose them and they choose us.

This decision to become a friend to someone, or take on someone as a friend has processes unique and markedly different from family. There are certain criteria that friends should have, other than the obvious sharing of interests or talent. And the criteria? Well, essentially they fall in line with attributes that make family, family. Friends, in other words, become family in the long run, and as such, carry as much significance in our hearts.

Apart from the fact that I have a super family, I also have some super friends. We share a love for travel, good food and much laughter. We share the love of having deep and meaningful conversations, and taking our debates to exciting levels. We share the appreciation of silence, but also of sound. Of light but also of dark. Of magical moments and treasured memories. In short, we share a common life experience, and share that with others.

My friend Waldo and his dog Woof you met some time ago (), and you also got introduced to Red (); Captain has been rather silent, but in future he will add his voice to our conversations. REd came to visit today, which is partly what sparked my writing. So meet some of my friends, and enjoy them as much as I do, and as much as we enjoy life together.