I was just wondering if writing, when one is tired and perhaps in the trough of low bio-rhythms, is such a good idea? I encouraged some friends earlier today to not react to people and situations they may face in the day, but rather to thoughtfully respond. A response can only come after taking some deep breaths, and thinking what to say, and how to say what you want to say. A reaction, on the other hand, is an instinctive and immediate return to what one perceived as a threat. 

Heard of “flight-or-fight” mode? Well, I think that a reaction is fight-mode, and perhaps a response is a flight-mode. Others may argue that it is the opposite. Sun Tzu once said that often a victor in a fight is the one who can run the fastest.

After dispensing my encouragement to my friends, I encountered a day that was designed to test my beliefs. As I was getting ready to go to bed I received yet another message that directly tested my theory. I took my own advice, and started breathing deeply, and then put my fingers to keyboard… pondering my response.

I trust that my response will be more diplomatic than the comments I had to deal with. These comments are designed to undermine self-confidence, to instill doubt in skill and ability, and the engender feelings of worthlessness. Instinct demands that I refute these false claims immediately, compelling an immediate and contrary response. My response, however, can still accomplish the same, but perhaps better. My response will restore confidence, confirm skill and ability, and encourage feelings of worth. My response will allow me to contribute positively to my environment and inspire people.

And what abou the source of my having-to-take-deep-deep-breaths? Well, they are their own problem. They are not my problem.