Whenever we venture into unchartered territory we become heavily reliant on good and relevant maps. Without a reliable source we will quickly get lost, lose our way and fail to reach the intended destination.

Recently I have been invited to embark on a journey into areas that I have never before explored. The adventurous in me immediately shouted, “Yes! Yay! OK!”, which was replaced moments later by my more conservative (and sometimes glass-half-full ‘reasonable’ self) screaming, “Are you mad? Are you out of your mind? What about…” and so it continued. All of us, I think, experience this to some degree or other. On the one hand getting an opportunity to explore new frontiers, while at the same time we are assaulted by the “What-if’s”, the “But’s” and the “Have you thought this through?”

Truth be told, an adventure will fail in it’s goal without our agreement that the unknown is the only real constant. When we get to the place where we embrace the unknown, despite our reservations, then the adventure will continue in the fashion that only an adventure can accomplish. If we err on the ‘safe side’ it simply means that we won’t embark on the journey at all, stay on the side-lines and watch other people have all the fun (keeping in mind that adventurous fun includes some setbacks and pain).

Embarking on a new adventure doesn’t imply that we go in unprepared. No! Our previous experiences, and specific preparations for a new journey, all count towards a general preparedness. And this brings me back to the issue of a reliable map or GPS. Any new adventure will have a departure point (where we are right now) and a destination (the culmination). In between start and finish lies the journey; while the start and finish are important, the real adventure lies nestled between the two.

A life lesson, don’t you think?

Are you ready to embark on a new adventure?

And remember, the question is not whether the glass is half-full or half-empty, it is simply whether or not we understand that the glass is refillable!