This weekend I got to spend some time with new friends in the beautiful Eastern Cape countryside. It was a break from the usual routine, and as you know, any such break is always good for giving one a new perspective, and in some cases, a renewed energy and passion to tackle even that which is routine. These friends were united in the purpose of the getaway – to play games! And the game I am referring to here is called Airsoft.

Airsoft is a rapidly growing sport that is in essence the simulation of a war. Now many people would balk at the idea of this sport, fearing that in a world already saturated by violence this might incite even more violence. However, it is in my opinion just a healthy way to exercise and get rid of some pent-up frustrations and irritations that can, at times, linger in the subconscious. While it is debatable that surges of adrenaline can contribute to a state of relaxation, all these guys were super-chilled and relaxed amidst the inherent violent context.

Apart from being like any other team sport where team spirit, working together and strategy play integral roles, there is the benefit of applying the principles of the game to everyday situations. And in this comparison it draws parallels just like any other sport. The best team will win, and the best team doesn’t always have the strongest individual players. But the best team is the one that has a solid strategy and uses some of the weaknesses of their opponents as the map for this strategy. The best team learns from their mistakes and then employs approaches to overcome that. The best team has a united purpose that fuels their passion for the game. and the list goes on.

So just by watching and being involved on the sidelines (I was taking photos of the games) I learned some valuable lessons. It made me think that perhaps it is time to re-evaluate some of my own decisions, and some of the strategies I have been employing in my own life. It gave me insight into dealing more effectively with challenges I am facing and how to overcome some other obstacles. And then, more importantly, the games we play in life always have a spiritual parallel as well. And it is for this context that I am even more grateful!