So, I’ve been thinking about that one essential that all humans share – the quest for significance; and how we sometimes approach it by asking the crucial question to our mirror on the wall. Also, how the answer can only be measured by something absolute outside of ourselves.

This made me think back to a visit to The Israel Museum in Jerusalem, and my encounter with the Anish Kapoor sculpture called “Turning the World Upside Down”. The idea behind the sculpture was Kapoor seeking a way to bring the sky down to the level of the earth, and then by using the convex/ concave reflections to create inversions of earth and sky.

The concept, beautifully executed by Kapoor, brought to mind an analogy for life that was all too real. Our human quest has always included the striving to get higher, or closer to heaven. From the time of the Tower of Babel to more recent quests to reach the outer dimensions of space. This striving, I suppose, is symptomatic for our need, not only to reach heave, but essentially to reach a higher plain of spirituality, and ultimately, to connect with the Creator of all. The reason behind the striving is essentially that we can connect to the architect of who we are, and there, in that moment of Divine connection, discover our true purpose, meaning and significance. We are trying to bring heaven down into our own inhabited space.

The crazy thing is that God, the creator and architect, is thrilled with us doing this. In fact, the manual to life (sometimes referred to as the Bible) is full of personal invitations from God to do exactly that. And in the process of doing this something extraordinary happens. As we get a glimpse of heaven on earth, God manages to turn that picture upside down again and places us with him, next to him, to change our perspective. For suddenly, as we connect in that Divine space our earth-perspective gets exchanged for a heaven-perspective, and incredibly we start to see things not through our own eyes, but through the eyes and vision of the architect.

Spirituality has no meaning for me apart from the Spirit of God. If my seeking of spirituality and significance only serves to highlight myself I am progressing nowhere slowly. However, when my search for true spirituality brings me in touch with the one absolute in this universe, I not only have a valuable measurement of my own state, but also the inspiration to achieve something greater and more significant than myself.