Picking up from where I left off before. When we ask the mirror on our wall to answer the question we desperately need to hear, “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?”, what exactly do we hear? The question could be rephrased to, “Mirror, does my life count? Do I make a difference? Is my life of any significance?” No matter how we phrase the essential question, we all secretly hope that the answer will be “you!”, “yeah!” and “yes!”

Truth is, sometimes we tend to hear something else. But facing that mirror (really only a refection of the inner man) does give us opportunity to choose – same way forward, or entering different GPS coordinates. As in the case of Snow White’s wicked stepmother, she could choose to go ahead and poison some apples, or she could choose that someone else is better at something than herself. Instead of poisoning that person, embrace them rather and learn from them what you need to know, and so, in this humbling process, become a better you. Perhaps after some time the answer from your mirror would be different from the previous, and perhaps even give you the answer you so desperately hope to hear.

Time and time again, as I have faced the mirror and tried to process the answer, I have come to realize that some kind of absolute is necessary in order for me to plot my course accurately. These days we are quick to place faith in TomTom, Garmin and Google Maps, yet at times struggle to find something equally valid spiritually. I am glad to say that I have discovered an absolutely truthful manual to plot my spiritual course. And before you think,”Here goes Tin again with some babble on spirituality,” let me share.

This manual has been referred to by many names, but the most popular that stuck was ‘Bible.’ People have added some adjectives to it, but in essence it stays the same. At times it is the most difficult manual to follow, and at other times easier. At times is speaks things that I clearly don’t want to hear, or that I don’t expect, and at other times it speaks the balm that is required to heal a wound. What it lacks is the ability to lie or deceive. This is WYSIWYG. As I’ve travelled this life’s road, the shape of my mirror on the wall has changed and now, it’s the Bible that gets to hear my questions, and it’s the same Bible that now answers.

As always, there’s more to share, so allow me to use the popular marketing slang, “Watch This Space.”