You may laugh, enjoy, sneer or deride, but here is yet another sunrise story. And here is yet another analogy that is a proverb of life, real and true, just like the unerring subject of this post.

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall – CONFUCIUS

Confucius could very well have gotten this insight from the constancy of the sun. Each morning it rises, each day it does its job, and each evening it sets, just to come back, regular as clockwork to repeat the same process. Some days are obscured by cloud and rain, other days are clear and cobalt, some days see an eclipse, and there are stories told that once it even stood still. No matter what the circumstances are surrounding its elliptical journey one can always rely on the sun to rise again. Every day. In a way this relentless regularity and unshakable course reflects the character of its Creator – always the same, never changing.

My lesson learnt from this is that as long as I am rooted in the purpose of my creation, thereby acknowledging the master Creator, I too will be reflecting that nature and character. I too can get up, despite historical and circumstantial issues that have tried to prevent my shining, and I too can rise confidently every day knowing opportunity awaits. Constant. Faithful. Focused. Precise.