I’ve written previously on how captivated I am by sunrises, so this post should come as no surprise. It amazes me how different each sunrise is even when seen from the same spot! On a particular foggy morning I was on the beach and I recall the peculiar silence that accompanied my regular early walk. It wasn’t a total silence, but a thick fog has the ability to mute nature’s sounds as if perceived from under a cozy down duvet. And then the sun also appeared like a glowing red marble, suspended nearly magically in mid-air.

Apart from the awesome beauty of my experience I also thought about some parallels in life, not peculiar to my own, but commonly shared by everyone. It was as if the sun taught me a life principle.

All humans share a common destiny, and that is to be uniquely significant. I don’t believe that significance can be measured by any human standard, but rather that it can only be measured against a personal passion and purpose. One can be significant by being the first man on the moon, or simply be feeding a hungry person. One may be significant by inventing a car that it fueled by water, or equally significant by looking after a widow or orphan. Significance cannot be gauged by the trappings of what we consider success; rather, success can certainly be defined by an achieved significance.

Life – in the form of people, circumstances and negative situations – often has a tendency to try an ‘put us down’. By this I mean that we are often confronted by situations that seem to drain our energy, distract us from our purpose and dissipates our passion. If not stopped in its tracks, a negative confrontation with life can leave us depleted and depressed. However, if we can only remind ourselves that we were born for significance, then the process can be reversed!

On the morning I experienced this eerily mysterious sunrise, I was reminded that waves are born to crash on the shore, and to announce their splashing arrival with a satisfying sound of dispersing water. Yet on this morning the fog was trying to diminish the power of the waves sound, but couldn’t quite get it right. The waves continued in the pursuit of their purpose. The sun is made (was born) to shine, providing both light and heat. Yet on this morning a blanket of fog tried to prevent the sun from rising (allow me a little dramatic license). However, the purpose and passion of the sun to rise fully in its significance overcame the seeming power of the fog.

So, when we encounter those foggy moments in our life, a brief reminder of our purpose and passion will ensure that we can get through that with a significant victory. We might be tempted at times to accede to the power of the fog, but should not give in. That is also why we choose our friends carefully – those that have the willingness to remind us of our significance, that when we are weak and at a point of giving in to temptation, they lend a helping hand to lift us up. And up we get! Just like a sunrise.