No matter where I find myself in the world I always seek out sunrises. As long as I can remember I am fascinated by the arrival (and departure) of the sun. Perhaps because it is such a precious moment. And by precious I mean singular, once-off, momentarily and unique. Think about it. No two sunrises will ever be the same. One can go to exactly the same spot every day, and the sunrise of yesterday will be evidently different to the one today, or the one to follow tomorrow.

I take that moment as God coming and painting a canvas just for my pleasure and enjoyment. Since I am the only person on those exact GPS coordinates on the whole planet, my perspective is equally unique. In other words, it is my painting, my gift and my experience alone. Not because I am any more special than the next person, but simply because I am loved. A sunrise confirms the fact that I matter, that I have worth and that I am loved. God’s way of saying, “Hope you have a great day!”

i see each sunrise

as a splash of joy

each colour on display

as laughter from on high

every ray of warmth

that embrace my face

a sign of love

a sign of grace


so the canvas in the sky

brings a song of praise

it draws my heart to shout

in rainbow hues

for there is a pot of gold

at the source of song