Do you believe time travel is possible?

Well, for many years I believed that time travel was the invention of sci-fi novelists and mad scientists. Yet, it always intrigued me and I devoured books and movies on the subject to feed my interest. Many times I am a slow learner, and so it has taken me quite some time to come to the conclusion that time travel, indeed, is possible.

My conclusion is principally based on my spiritual beliefs, and the fact that God is the Creator of everything. Hence, my conclusions are based on what I have learned about God from the Holy Bible. If you are reading this and don’t share my beliefs, that’s ok, but carry on reading nonetheless? It is a very interesting perspective, I guarantee you.

Now, God is an uncreated spirit Being. Everything we we experience in our life (world) therefore also principally exists on a spiritual level, yet with the addition of the physical reality. We are gifted with five senses to experience this physical realm (see, hear, taste, smell and touch) and a sixth (ESP) to experience the spiritual. However, God experiences everything only spiritually.

I have learned that all things physical (me included) were created by God, in God and for God, and therefore can exists only by Him. In a sense, the world I live in, and me in that world, exist solely in the mind (spirit) of God.

When God created this world, He also created TIME. He brought about day and night, seasons, and times. God exists outside of time, while I exist in time (physically); I also exist outside of time spiritually. In all, I am created to be like God. Not to be a god myself, but share His attributes and characteristics. There is a single word that is used for those times, experiences and situations where I behave contrary to my created purpose – sin. I know there are many connotations to this word, but essentially it means being contrary (opposed) to God’s nature, to His essence, to His intended purpose.

Since He is also a God of love, He has made it possible for me to rectify my actions, thoughts and words, and to turn from sin to un-sin. How? You may laugh at the simplicity of this: I need to go sincerely and humbly to Him and say, “I am so sorry. Help me get it right next time.” And just like that sin turns to un-sin. The word most often used is FORGIVE. Forgiven. Forgiveness. The Bible teaches that God is always faithful, and according to His sense of justice takes my sin (mistake) or sins (mistakes) and removes them entirely from me, even as far as the East is from the West. It means that the sin/mistake committed is so completely removed that it doesn’t exist. It is as if it never happened in the first place.

“But it did!” I hear you say.

And this is where time travel comes in. In this process of forgiving, God moves back in time, to that place where I made the mistake (committed the sin) and, on my behalf, rewrites my history. The instance is eradicated from my personal history. God doesn’t remember it, and therefore it no longer exists. Back to the present… here I stand completely forgiven.