I have met an extraordinary amount of people in my travels (well, at least I think more than a 100 is extraordinary), and have yet to meet two people who are exactly the same. While there may be shared attributes or characteristics, I am convinced that no exact replicas exist. There is a unique combination of attribute and character that distinguishes one person from another – much like a fingerprint or voiceprint. It is staggering to think that of the estimated population on earth of 7,28 billion people, no matching fingerprints exist. Even more staggering is the fact that despite shared family and cultural environments, no exact duplicates exist. Apart from the fact that it exhibits a phenomenal creativity that only the Creator can possess, it also stands as a testimony to the awesomeness of the created. And no, I am not saying this with any trace of vanity. Quite the contrary.

Since each person on earth is comprised of different attributes and characteristics, it means also that each person possesses a unique, individual skill set. The logical conclusion is that each person has been created/designed to contribute to life in a unique manner. Hence, all people are equally equipped. Differently equipped, yes, but equal. No one person is better than the other (or worse), but each have a critical and important part to play in the well ware of the collective 7 billion plus on earth.

For this reason it is crucial that we discover and define our own peculiar skill set, talents and gifts, for in doing so we will also discover our purpose. With this purpose will come an extraordinary vision, and that same purpose, when embraced, will determine a focused and precise action on our part. In short, we were made different to make a difference.

When we find ourselves in a place where our vision becomes blurred, it is probably caused by a loss of passion. The answer to the restoration of the vision is to rekindle the passion. To do that, we need to take a moment every now and then to remind ourselves why we are different from the person next to us, and that that difference is exactly what is needed to make a difference in the life (lives) of the people around us. We all share a collective purpose – to make a significant difference.

(Photo © waldo malan)