I often joke and say that when it came time for God to hand out sporting talents, I was at the back of the queue. Truth is, I am rather talentless in the area of sport. Epic ineptitude! But this does not mean that it has lost its allure, I simply have to approach it from another angle. I consider myself an average, healthy exerciser and go for long walks, get on a bicycle (albeit not in spandex cycling gear), swim leisurely, and play really bad rounds of golf it nevertheless hasn’t lost its attraction. So while I may be a ‘healthy exerciser’ I am not likely to be chosen as part of any competitive team. Yet I can still participate! Yes, with my camera in hand I am able to capture memorable moments. Here’s one I call “the catch”. You can make up your own story and draw your own comparisons…

A life metaphor is bound up in the nets between the goal posts. When on the offensive, the goal is to penetrate posts with precision and purpose and see the satisfying sway of the net. When on the defensive, the goal is to prevent that same penetration. So too in life – at times we may be on the offensive side, and at other times on the defensive. No matter which side I find myself on, the game still remains. Life still remains. And whichever side my perspective is focused on, I will need precision and purpose to reach the goal. In other words, I have to play the game with everything (and sometimes more) that I can possibly give to ensure victory. It would be foolish to start playing a competitive game without any preparation, or entering the playing area in an unfit state. No! It will take days, weeks, months and sometimes years to prepare myself for the game; throughout the training time, however, my mind still needs to be fixed on the goal of the game. Without that, training becomes just an exercise in the pursuit of fruitless pain.

In all games, my position will constantly change from defense to offense, and I need to be prepared for both. Why? Well, both positions, executed with single-minded focus, purpose and precision will be the canvas of my passion. Are you ready to play?