While walking along the beach the other day I had a rather arbitrary thought. I am no color expert, and neither am I a qualified scientist. While I have access to Google and it’s amazing algorhythm that can return millions of links to a question I pose, this time I chose to abandon its resources and just rely on my own firing and misfiring synapses. [Smiley face emoticon].

I thought, as I looked at my feet on the sand, that black could be seen as all color mixed together, and white then as the absence of any color. And then, in a toe-through-sand-wriggling moment, I thought that perhaps I have it wrong. Is it not that black is the absence of all color while white would represent the sum total of all color put together? Whichever point of view is right, either artistically or scientifically, it had nothing to do with the subsequent thoughts that emerged. No matter what I believed (albeit in ignorance), fact remained that there will be black, and there will be white.

This, for me, represented a metaphor of perfection, or of the absolute. In a realm of ‘absolute’ there will exist only black or white. In a realm of ‘perfection’ there will exist only black or white, because either all color, or no color at all will have relevance in an absolute atmosphere. A little bit of color in a pot of ‘total absence of color’ will distill the mix to something that is not quite perfect, something that is not quite right. Similarly, if only a fraction of the color spectrum is absent in the pot of ‘all colors’, it too would represent something less than perfect. I trust you are following my random thoughts…

So, in a perfect world we would only have two choices, whenever we were afforded the opportunity to choose. In a world/realm that is ruled by The Absolute, our choices would be really simple: right or wrong, hot or cold, black or white, fear or faith, love or hate, temporary or eternal, holy or unholy. In this realm there is no place for gray, lukewarm, half-measure or fence-sitting. There is simply yes or no. No ‘maybe’.

And then I realized that ultimately that is the beauty of my belief in God as the Absolute and as the Perfect. Since, from this perspective, He is not complex, my belief in Him necessitates me to be equally simple in my choices. However, since this realm is of His making, it also functions on His perfection, and not my idea of it. This means that when my choices swing to the opposite side of the scale of absolutes, there is some disturbance in the atmosphere. When this disturbance happens I cannot point a finger at God for the calamity or disaster, but should look to myself for upsetting the scales.

And here, at this point in my travels, I realize the ultimate simplicity of my belief… in God and in His realm: it is ruled by love. Not the kind of pubescent, emotionally-laden feeling we label love, but the deep kind of character that denies ‘the self’ in favor of ‘the others’. This is a love that knows no limits and encounters no boundaries when it comes to the welfare, comfort and positive experiences of others. Again, love cannot be half-measure. It must be all or nothing. It must be absolute. It must be perfect. Hence the greatest law (call it a motto or mantra if you want) is to love God, so that we can love others, even as we realize that we are loved first by God.