I love life. It is as simple as that. This doesn’t mean that life is any easier or more difficult than the person next to me, it just means that life happens. So when life hits that celestial fan and we are paw-pawed with the fragments of what makes life, life, it all comes down to the way we receiveĀ it.

I have come to realise that my experience of life is no more simple and no more complex than the perspective I choose to view it from. If life is only about ME – my comfort, my security, my opinions – then essentially, and I borrow the phrase from a colloquial expression, “life sucks”. On the other hand, I can change all of this when I make life about someone else; or, about everyone else but myself. Let me explain.

Life will take on a whole new meaning as I start to live it fully for the sake of others. When I live only for myself I may experience the occasional bursts of satisfaction and contentment when something goes MY way. But there are far more opportunities to experience more frequent bursts of satisfaction and contentment when I choose to take joy and comfort from those experienced by others. What I am saying is that our “feel-good” emotions are exponentially multiplied when more people are involved. The upside? Well, I get to see and experience life in ways I never thought possible.

Life then, is not really about me, but it is about what I can give into it. This is true and full satisfaction.

Perhaps that is why I enjoy and appreciate photography so much – it is a window into life, a moment captured in time that has the potential to live on eternally. In a way the lens of my camera (albeit an extension of my view) exposes me (and others) to view a fragment of life as it spins off the blades of that ‘celestial fan’.