In all my travels I have met many people from different walks of life, different cultures and backgrounds, and different life experiences to mine. These meetings, some intentional and some by chance, have made me realise that humans are humans. I know this is not a revelation, but still… In a world marked by conflict we are confronted daily by the apparent differences between people, and news reports seem to cement these in our minds. People are fighting one another all over the world based on differences in race, religion, philosophy, and sometimes just pure greed and envy. How sad!

The people I have met are all truly beautiful. They are human sculptures of extraordinary worth, and a feather in the cap of the Artist who fashioned them.

I also reflected then (in particular) on the faces of the people I met, and marvelled at the infinite ability of the face to reflect the soul. Sometimes we call it emotion. But at the end of the day our faces bare the collective experiences of what makes us who we are. Strangely, most of us put on a mask before leaving the house in the morning, and often try to (ineffectually) hide behind that mask our true feeling, intentions and heart. But then again we are all familiar with the statement that the eyes are the window to the soul. There are the instances when we take our masks off in the presence of those whom we trust, and sometimes, we let the mask slip inadvertently in the company of those whom we do not necessarily trust. But mask or not, I think people display the most extraordinary, creative and vulnerable aspects of their humanity on their faces… and in this instance I become a willing voyeur. “Why?” you may ask. I think the answer lies in the fact that I find a revelation of my own heart and humanity through this connection with others just like me.