This is a message to all of those who know me, think you know me, assume you know me, want to know me and don’t want to know me at all. If I have ever offended or disappointed you in any way – forgive me. Trust me, the cauldron of my personal disappointments, regrets and failures far outweighs what you think I’ve done to you. If I am unable to climb the pedestal you built far too high for me – forgive me. I stand at the base in the confusion created by unmet expectations.

However, I was reminded by a good friend that there is a Fire I can place my cauldron on, that would bring that universal dross slowly to boil and beyond. This Fire would bring about the entire batch of mismatched ingredients to beyond its cooking point, past volcanic temperatures and end up consuming even the cauldron itself.

Someone once said, “Even God cannot change the past.” Well, that someone was wrong. Everything exists in the mind, and as a result of the imaginings of God. Now He lights the Fire, and once the brew has melted away to only a trail of smoke, the contents are gone… forever. God says that after that process He doesn’t remember any ingredient that was initially a part of the recipe of disaster. So, if it is no longer in the mind of God, it no longer exists. If it no longer exists, it never existed in the first place. Hence, the past is changed.

Today some of you stand in a place defined by your own history, an accusing finger pointed my way, and your disappointment in me your own justification for effecting a no-change attitude there. Well, I have moved on. I accept the responsibility of consequence, but nonetheless, I have moved on. The past has been eradicated in the Fire of Forgiveness.

A wiped-out past has given me a perspective I never thought possible. It has brought about a meekness that stands as a beacon of strength. I have come to rely on Forgiveness that proclaims, “If only you could see yourself through my eyes.” So I look at myself… and then I look at you… and see the same human-ness, the same struggles, and the same victories.