Recently I was scouting for some ‘photographic moments’ when I was rewarded with a poignant (heart-breaking, thought-provoking) shot. I saw a couple coming down the street towards me, one pushed in a wheelchair by the other. On their way they stopped at every trash bin, investigating its contents to see what was left in there that could be of use. It was only as they came right across from me that I noticed the slogan on the bin: “Feed Me – Litter Is My Diet”.

It reminded me of the statement by documentary photographer, Magnus Arrevad, when he said, “The only two modes of documentation possible are voyeurism and participation. Either one’s peeking in, or one’s trooping in like a marauding elephant and becoming an unseen part of the subject. This idea of neutral, objective documentation is nonsense. Even the unseen eye has a gaze, has a charge”.

When I observed the scene through my lens, I knew that I couldn’t remain neutral…