I have adopted this motto to help me when change is required. The change I am referring to is the one from bad to better. The breaking of a bad habit for example.

Whenever something negative needs a change in our lives, we need to get to the place where firstly we recognise the negativity. For instance, an alchoholic can only start to change once they realise there is a problem. Before that change will never succeed. That place of recognition is the place of “enough is enough.”

Have you ever experienced repeated failing in an area of your life? Where it seems that victory in that area is unattainable? Have you been discouraged to the point of wanting to give up? I think most of us have! But I have some encouraging news – just learn to say “enough is enough!” Every time failure stares at you, repeat that simple phrase out loud. Even if there is a hint of temptation, shout out that phrase, believing change is possible. 

When a garden full of weeds is cleared, then that same garden must be cultivated with new seeds to create something beautiful in its stead. If left unattended the weeds will simply sprout again and bring the hard work to nought. Same goes for any change. See the negative, make the decision that enough is enough, and then start cultivating the positive seeds.

Have you had enough of negativity? Are tired of weeds? Ready to sow some different seeds?