Yesterday I wrote about our perception of success, and mentioned also that in order to achieve success in anything we have to endure a process of failing. This got me thinking again about the way we approach our own failures…

In a perfect world we all would enjoy a life that is in perfect balance, everything “hunky-dory,” and a virtual bed of roses. Well that simply is not true. Life is very seldom, if ever, in a perfect balance. Had we to envision a weighing scale of the perfect life, both sides of the scale would be in a perfect line.


The reality is that our lives are often tipped more toward the failure side of the scale.


But, this is OK! As long as we approach our “failing” as a part of the process towards success. If, at the end of our journey we achieve success, our failings were never “failings” in the strict sense of the word. Then these failing were simply areas of learning, times for reflection and moments of chiselling away rough edges. And here I identify two levels of failure: one is to fail, to fall down, remain lying on the ground, while the other is to fail, to fall down, but get up immediately and try again!


If this is our approach, our scale should be tipping more heavily on the “getting up” side than the “defeated” side. When we approach our “failing” as part of our personal learning curve, then they are not failures at all!

What does your life scale look like at the moment? Are you satisfied with your approach to your successes? And your failures? Change starts with small steps…