No matter what journey we embark on, and no matter the distance, we always go prepared. I have yet to hear of a person going on any journey and forget to put fuel in the car, or to put a driver’s license in their wallet. So every journey is in basic need of provisions, and the longer the journey, the more provisions are required.

There is always a huge upside in choosing the right person to accompany us on the journey, since the right people will lessen the burden of having to provide all provisions from our own pocket. Since we are exploring the character of God, I want to talk a little about choosing Him as a partner and fellow-traveller. Yet again I have my friend David to thank for some insight into the benefits of taking the Lord along as a driving partner. David told me that while some young and strong animals (he used a young lion as an example) may go hungry at times, those who travel with the Lord NEVER go hungry. In fact, not only are the food requirements taken care of (and we know just how important a non-grumbling tummy is), everything else required is also taken care of. For the sake of clarity, and also so that I don’t misrepresent my friend, allow me to quote him: “The young lions lack food and suffer hunger, but they who seek (inquire of and require) the Lord [by right of their need and on the authority of His Word], none of them shall lack any beneficial thing.”

I would have to be utterly senseless not to choose Lord as a travel partner! Just imagine… a companion that always listens (no matter what twaddle I babble on about), one, who at my side, is like a personal and undefeated bodyguard, a person of such power and stature that other liken him to an army, and now, also one who has a wallet that never runs dry. Wow! What a friend to have!

If I call someone a friend it implies that there is a relationship; any relationship is a two-way street, a partnership, and two people who have committed to one another. So it is always a case of give and take. Good relationships have a good give-and-take dynamic, while bad relationships will always mess this dynamic around an pollute it. What then, in this travel relationship, is required from me to enjoy all the benefits? Oh my, the answer is so simple (as I learned from David): true, honest and dedicated companionship. The Lord wants my company and wants me to seek out His company as a necessity. I would be a fool to turn Him down. In exchange for my company, and being willing to pursue a truthful relationship with Him, I get everything and more in return. It really seems lopsided, since I get much, much more than what I am giving. I’ll tell you this, when I prepare for my next journey today, I am going to make certain that the seat for my travel companion is ready and sorted, and that what meager provisions I have will be His for the taking!