Let me pick up on an earlier conversation and continue on the journey of discovery on who the Lord really is. I spoke about the fact that in order for us to fully appreciate repentance (forgiveness and the ensuing action thereafter), we need to know the One who forgives. Already we have seen that the Lord is always attentive, and is always there to hear and listen to us.

My good friend David once remarked that the Lord encamped around those who respect Him. Now, to encamp is a military term, meaning to settle,  lodge, make, or place in a camp. If the Lord ‘encamps’ around a person it means effectively that the person is surrounded by fortifications, and placed in the safest place of the camp – right in the centre!

So, we have seen that the Lord always listens (in other words, He is always available to us), and now also, that He is the all-surrounding protection from anything that could potentially harm us. How to stay there? Well, a simple choice on our side to use the map the Lord provides, to use His GPS, and as much as He listens to us, to also listen to Him. What better way is there to travel than with a fully-equipped partner?