Being the modern man that I fancy myself, I purchased a Garmin Nüvi GPS a while back. After setting the GPS talkback voice on a sultry female, British accent voice, it was no longer a Garmin GPS, but a more personal Trixie. So for most of the time Trixie is a great help in navigating unknown roads, especially when the destination is places never before visited. But the other day, Trixie got into a spin and confused the heck out of me.

While driving along merrily (and actually knowing most of the road) I was following Trixie’s instructions, and keeping an eye on all the other information she readily provided: ETA, average speed, top speed and so forth. Suddenly, out of the blue, I was startled by Trixie’s urgent request, “In 200 metres, please make an about turn.” This came as a total surprise since the road still stretched ahead arrow-straight, and I knew that the next turnoff was yet 80km away! So I decided to ignore her instruction. For the men reading this post, I can hear the sighs of dismay… NEVER ignore a women’s instruction. So after passing the road, Trixie pipes up again, and more urgently requests a turnabout at the next possible and safe moment. Again, against my better (really?) judgment, I ignored her desperate plea for turning around. A third time, and I am sure I detected an anxious urgency in her plea, she asked I turn the car around. Needless to say, I ignored her again since I was confident I knew the road ahead. And then she got really angry, did not say another word, and the a message displayed on the screen: UNABLE TO DETERMINE DESTINATION. I had to reboot Trixie, and re-enter my desired destination information. This happened a few times, until out of frustration I decided Trixie needed to be admitted to the Garmin GPS hospital. After a thorough investigation into Trixie’s state of mind, I was informed by the ‘doctors’ that it was a simply case of outdated maps in the system. After these were upgraded, Trixie was back to her old self.

These episodes of Trixie throwing ‘hissy fits’ (tantrums) made me reflect again on the nature of temptation and sin. I am sure Trixie will forgive me this analogy. Before any journey we are at Point A, and our planned route will take us to our destination, Point B. Now, the way from Point A to B can take a variety of roads, but if we have a good GPS, the shortest and most effective route will be chosen. We just need to listen to the voice of the GPS (Trixie). There is one other responsibility that we must take care of, and that is to make sure that the GPS has the latest maps uploaded. Now for the analogy…

Life for all of us has a beginning (point A at birth) and an end (point B at our death). The choices we make during that journey will be made up of a variety of roads, avenues, lanes, and sometimes territory accessible only by a 4×4! The journey will not always be smooth, but often be fraught with danger and will test our skill to the utter limits. Many roads we consider, may be likened to temptations, and should we choose that particular road, will lead us to a destination of sin. However, God knows that we need help and so He gave us the best, state-of-the-art GPS ever, and called this particular model “My Word”. In our case, we need to make sure that we have the latest software ‘uploaded’ in our spirit, and so we need to make sure daily that the ‘latest version’ is available to our GPS. Without it, or when we think that the map that was relevant a year ago is still OK for today, we will get totally lost.

All we need is a trustworthy manufacturer and brand, backed up by a solid and guaranteed after-sales service, and we are in business! It means we will be ready for the journey, and ready for any road that is mapped on our route.

Have you checked your GPS lately?