So it is 10 August 2016 and you haven’t heard from me in a long time. Well, I am resuming having you be a part of my travels. Up until now I’ve only really included you in my travels through the world, but I would now also like you as fellow-travelers on a far more adventurous journey… that of a spiritual walk.

I can hear the groans, sighs and some under-the-breath murmurings… not you too! But yes, if you bear with me a short while you will see the significance of this journey, and perhaps, we can visit some places together that will bring joy, laughter and the beauty of new and shared experiences.

To fully appreciate this journey we must first realize that our very nature is spiritual, and that although it’s  unseen for most part, it does represent the essence of who we are. As such, it will influence everything we see, hear and experience. Further, it is our spirit that connects us with the unseen, which is eternal. What we experience (see, hear, feel) in our everyday lives is temporary. Don’t tell me that you have ever bought something that 10 years later still looks exactly the same as the day you first laid eyes on it! Everything decays… everything rusts… everything we have dies a slow death. And that is the nature of temporary things. They don’t last.

On the other hand, the stuff in the spiritual realm is eternal and never dies. It never goes away. It’s not affected by decay or rust. So, which do you think is more important? That which is seen, or that which is not? The answer, my friend, I think is quite obvious, isn’t it?

Yet there is a connection between the two that we need to take careful note of in order to enjoy the full adventure of our journey. The investment we make into our spiritual journey will affect (seriously affect) our physical journey. Or put another way, our investment (time, energy and passionate pursuit) into what is unseen, will affect that which we are able to experience in our everyday live.

Ready to join me?