(image source: tsevo.com)
You may think it strange that I am posting another update on the same day, but that is simply the nature of an adventure. Some days go by quietly with hardly anything happening, while others are jam-packed and to the brim with new sights and experiences.

A good friend of mine, David, said once, “The Lord is close to those who are of a broken heart and saves such as are crushed with sorrow for sin, and are humbly and thoroughly penitent.” (Psalms 34:18). This really made me think. But before I continue let me share with you my dignity on of ‘sin’. It is, after all, a word that is bandied about quite a bit, by preacher and layman alike. Sin is simply the state of ignoring our spiritual self in favor of our temporal self. I make this statement based on the fact that we are essentially spirit, and that our spirit is temporarily housed in a flesh-and-bone body. I previously said that what is spiritual is eternal, and what is physical is temporary. So, when I lose touch with my spirit, I am in essence sinning. This might be too simplified, but bear with me.

The first time I disassociate myself from my spirit (in any matter) the reaction is quite violent, and my spirit rebels like an earthquake too huge to register on a Richter scale. If I perpetuate the initial separation my internal Richter scale registers less and less, until, eventually, not even a tremor would spike the needles to show any abnormality. This is quite dangerous, and as David also put it, gives me a hardened heart. Now David spoke often about my spirit as my heart; not the pumping muscle in my chest, you understand, but rather the essence of who I am.

Fortunately, my Creator (Spirit himself!) made a way to restore the separation from my spirit. He simply calls it ‘repentance.’ Repentance is not some huge, inexplicable religious concept, but rather a simple confession of, “Yes, I have separated my spirit from the eternal, and I need to rectify the situation.” But what if my heart is so hardened that I don’t feel a genuine remorse? What if I am not heart broken over the situation? What then?

Well, then it is time to embark on another travel experience. This travel experience must take us to new and unexplored places, and in this case, the place we need to seek out is the Spirit (heart) of our Creator. Forgetting about our own shame or state of hardness, we need to seek out the One who made us. Getting to know our Creator will serve to highlight our own shortcoming in whichever it is where we have created/allowed a separation. And the more we get to know our Creator, the more the differences in spirits will become clear. Ultimately this will lead to a ‘broken heart’. Then, when we find ourselves in a place where our heart is broken as a result of a self-inflicted separation, we find that the Lord is close. And when the Lord is close, He saves. Saves? Put another way, the ‘saving’ is simply a restoration of a separation back to a connectedness.