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We woke to a beautiful day in Pigeon Forge! The children spent a good part of it at the Wonder works Science Museum! While they were out experimenting with fun, Andre and I set up studio in the RV and did some filming for the network back home.

No shoes needed for this shoot!
Then it was off to the Dixi Stampede for Dolly Parton’s dinner show (without her being there in person). It was an absolute treat! What a delightful show and lovely dinner (no silverware provided), enjoyed by all!

The pre-show entertainment
The North represented by the blue and The South, by the red

A lady riding two horses, jumping through a hoop of fire

Look what they put on my plate!
Waldo thought he was eating a pickle, it was a jalapino in disguise!

At the ticket booth, we were presented with tickets for free go cart…

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