Sunday, the day of rest was truly a s-l-o-w day for all of us. After eventually waking up, having breakfast and discussing our daily adventure options, we headed down to the Keystone School & Museum. Oh yes, that was via Halley’s Store!

At the school all my friends dressed up and experienced school in a “Little a house on the Prairie” style!!

When school came out (haha!) we piled into the cars and crawled (yup, speed limit in Keystone is 20mph) back to Mt Rushmore. Here we visited the Sculptor’s Studio where the original, 9th scale model of Borghum is on display. After that all my friends were appointed as Junior Rangers!

We went back to the campsite for a l-a-z-y afternoon, and later my friends had a shelter-building contest… Ms Faith won “best shelter award”!


Fort Jay
Fort Jords
Fort Christian
Fort Faith