A story coming soon… and here it is! We decided to spend the day sight seeing in Denton & Grapevine, so started off with a peaceful visit to the Denton Community Market. This reminded me so much of the Rondebosch flea market where people displayed innovative, creative and non-Chinese-mass-produced items!

After that we did a short visit to an old 1850s house, where we saw how some of the early Americans lived. I even got to hear Waldo play an old organ in the lounge of the house!


Then a couple of blocks’ walk away in the searing Texas heat got us to the Denton County Courthouse, that also has a museum. On our arrival there was a band of musicians playing in the shade of the trees next to the courthouse. Stunning!

Then in the cars again and off to Grapevine, and in particular the “old section” with its quant historic buildings and farmer’s market. We browsed in all the shops (…well, most of the shops) and made some great discoveries!