I went looking for Waldo this morning… and found him working at emails, communicating with the office back home. And here I was ready for a different kind of adventure! Anyway, convinced him breakfast was crucial to continued productivity! So then went looking for Boss who was busy on a conference call to the office… So had to wait a while longer.

Then it was time for all the friends to head down towards the Missisipee, and in particular Café du Monde for traditional beignets and iced coffees. This is a MUST experience for any visitor to New Orleans.


Waiting for Beignets
Waiting for Beignets

Afterwards we spent some more time exploring the little side streets and sights, went back to the RV park swimming pool (VERY grateful for that!) and went to listen to some bands in the evening. Tomorrow morning its an early departure for a Plantation tour and then on to our next stop close to Lafayette.

Need we say more?