Well here we are packed and ready to start our journey to Destin…

My friend (we call him Boss) picked up a problem with a pesky coolant sensor, so he’s gone down to rave on the mechanics. I am waiting in the parking area in anticipation of the impending trip! 

We started early to prep our RV, and believe there is MUCH to do! Waldo flushed the poop tank, hitched the car (Boss helped here), Sharon & Samantha cleaned up & did washing, while I helped Jay vacuum.  

Yippee!! Destin beach, here we come. It’s a 695km trip according to Trixie, our trip advisorette. By the way, did you notice my friend Spidey in the first photo of this post? What a great way to spend an adventure surrounded by friends!

A quick refuel… 


And after travelling back in time (yes. I had to turn my watch BACK an hour!) we finally arrived at the magnificent Camp Gulf. We have now already travelled 620 miles. Anyway, back to the campsite… we parked the RVs on the beach, our home for the next 3 days!